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In leu of food…

Unfortunately I have had no time to cook this week as I have been out in the field for most of it. So by way of apology for the silence, I have posted here some fieldwork snaps. Some of the chemistry and geology team from work, as well as a couple of astrobiologists and an experimental petrologist from Spain, were lead around some of the awesome hot springs and associated deposits in the Taupo Volcanic Zone (aka central North Island, New Zealand for all non-geoscience types) by a geologist from Auckland University who specializes in the fossil record of life in extreme environments. It was an amazing few days with perfect weather.

Orakei Korako is a popular spot for tourists and one of the great geothermal sights in New Zealand. Both alkali-chloride and acid features can be found here; hot, sometimes acid and full of life.

Arapuni Spring is a pristine alkali-chloride spring tucked away in farm land. It was such a surprise to step through the scrub and see this rarely visited sight.

Te Kopia this is a series of acid features located on the Piroa Fault (a fault with 450 m of displacement). My favorite stops were at the acid lake with an unusual foam and the large, steaming hot landslide.

Back to food later this week, probably with the results of some bottling.



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