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The best thing about autumn: hot cross buns

One of the odd things about living in the southern hemisphere is that we celebrate traditions adopted from the opposite hemisphere at what seems like inappropriate times. Even though Christmas is in the peak of summer here, Santa still wears a fur trimmed coat and people spread around fake snow – so wrong. However the pagan spring equinox celebration of Easter, with its chocolate and spiced buns, suits an autumn equinox well. I made the first batch of the season yesterday and was pleased with the result. I used a recipe posted by Wild Yeast, leaving the fruit peel out and adding a little more spice. Cookistry offers some great advise for converting mixer recipes to hand kneed here. The buns came out lovely and light, and mouth wateringly good. My piping bag was MIA so I piped a couple of crosses with a plastic zip-lock bag, but gave up after putting my thumb through the bag thus leaving most of the buns without their hot crosses.



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