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Vegan Barbeque – Warm Asparagus Salad and a Fresh Start for Summer

Summer has all but arrived here in Rotorua and I feel inspired to get back to my blog. However, the dynamic has changed somewhat; I no longer have a full kitchen or more than one to cook for on a regular basis. So this summer will be focused on quick, easy cuisine mostly cooked on the barbeque and, more often that not, vegetarian.

To kick off this summers theme I have an easy warm asparagus salad served on garlic crustini… the ultimate barbeque dinner for one in under 20 minutes.

For the crustini…
Slices of cheobatta or other flavoursome white bread
2 cloves of garlic crushed
4 tablespoons of olive oil

mix the olive oil and crushed garlic together. Brush this mix lavishly on both sides and sprinkle with sea salt.

For the salad…
1 dozen spears of young green asparagus
a capsicum
a handful of young spinach
olive oil

The asparagus spears have a woody section at their base. Remove this by taking each spear by either end and bending it until it breaks. It will break at the top of the woody section. Place spears into a bowl and cover in boiling water. Rest like this for a few minutes until their colour brightens. Drain and dress with olive oil and seasoning ready for the barbeque.

The capsicum I used is one that had been char-grilled yesterday and left in the fridge under oil. You can use fresh sliced capsicum, but it must be cooked for much longer than the asparagus. Slice the capsicum and, if already char-grilled, add to the asparagus. If not, keep separate and pop the capsicum on the barbeque well before the bread and the asparagus. 

Saute the vegetable mix on a hot plate while toasting the bread on open gill side, moving the slices regularly to avoid burning. When the asparagus is cooked to the point where it still has a little crunch (this will only take a couple of minutes), remove the vegtables from the BBQ and toss with young spinach. There should be sufficient oil in the the the BBQ’ed vegtables that the salad does not need further dressing. Serve salad mounded on top of the crispy bread.

There are of course limitless variations on this theme. I have recently made these barbequed crustini topped with grilled zucchini, field mushrooms, asparagus, halumi and a fresh cherry tomato salad. Quick, easy, fresh and seasonal – go mad.


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Making English Muffins in the Aftermath of Cyclone Wilma

Today we ate the tasty first experiment with our newly grown sourdough starter. Following the recipe supplied by Wild Yeast, I made the sponge for english muffins last night while half watching the news about the incoming cyclone. This morning, in the wake of Cyclone Wilma we got up to the veggie garden in ruins (a whole row of fennel has been blown over and I am not sure if the lettuces will survive the damage), a small tree down in the driveway and no power, which because we are on tank water also means no running water. There was nothing to do but wheel the barbeque into the garage where it would be out of the weather and cook breakfast there. The english muffins came out divine, we even split them and put them on the grill side to toast. I am sure they were all the more yummy because they were sweetened with honey harvested from a friend’s hives and served up with fresh espresso. The power is back on now, which is particularly pleasing as my very first loaves of sour dough are due to go in the oven in less than 2 hours. Although, I have successfully made roast dinners in our barbeque before, so I think the sourdough bread would have been alright.

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