Welcome to my kitchen where all sorts of tummy-filling treats are cooked from scratch. Pre-packaged sauces and processed food rarely make an appearance here, and those that do are low in artificial additives or miss-placed ingredients, such as salt in stock. I am interested in old fashioned foods and cooking techniques, and finding ways to give them a practical twist so they can fit into modern life. The spin off of this approach is that we live on high quality, tasty food at low cost.

As long as I can remember, I have been interested in the effect food has on people. I love the rituals around preparing and eating food, the visual and tactile experience of food, and how a meal persists in memory. My grandmothers (in whose kitchens I learnt to bake and bottle) are my inspiration, as well as all others who feel that food is more than just sustenance. When not in the kitchen, you can find me somewhere eating and drinking, at work as a geologist, hiking, crafting or just hanging out with friends.

Most of what I make is from scratch using recipes found, gifted, adapted and imagined. Some recipes will be posted, or at least a link to a website or recipe book where you can find it. Feel free to use the recipes posted in this blog, but please credit them back here or to where I sourced them from.

I use the following as standard measures and abbreviations:

Cup (C) = 250 ml
Tablespoon (Tbl) = 15 ml
Teaspoon (tsp) = 5 ml

I hope you find something useful amongst my posts or inspiration to try making something from scratch that you usually buy pre-packaged.

Enjoy, Irene.


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