Due to significant domestic disturbance I have been taking a break from Foodscratch. However, I intend on being back on form providing recipes from a new (all be it much smaller) kitchen soon. Hugs, IC.



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4 responses to “Absence

  1. Yeahh!! Miss your post! Small kitchen means less area to clean 😉

    • Thanks Amanda. Unfortunately small means no oven, but I will have close neighbors (baking always makes good trade) and a large hooded bbq that I often roast in.

      • I grew up in HK, where most average family do not have an oven because of limited small space. So my mom used to steamer and regular pan on stove to make bread/pastry. But all were traditional Chinese recipes. Funny when we finally had an oven after moving to Vancouver, the oven became a extra “kitchen cabinet” for storage 😉

      • I guess it’s all about what you are use to. I love how all of our childhood experiences with food preparation influence us as adults: our idea of normalcy and what is the right way to prepare something. Cooking and eating is family, culture and history.

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