Rotorua Farmers’ Market

Our local farmers market is nestled amongst natural hot pools, boiling mud and hydrothermal eruption craters in Kuirau Park. Although not always cheeper than the supermarkets, it has a great variety of asian vegetables that are never seen in the supermarkets and the produce in much better condition. Worth the trip into town for.



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3 responses to “Rotorua Farmers’ Market

  1. Love the content on your blog, sad to see that it’s less active than it was.

    We’re kiwis living in Australia and considering returning soonish, potentially into the Rotorua district. Interested in the general food options around Rotorua – we’ve never lived in the Waikato, and whilst we were in Rotorua for Christmas this year just been we didn’t really visit any places that would count as gourmet.

    Is there sufficient ability to get quality ingredients, or do you find yourself going to Auckland often to get what you need?

    • Im sorry I have been so long absent. I am still Rotorua based and do find this region has much to offer in the way of fresh and delicious. If you haven’t already found them look to White Street bakers, Vetro, Sabroso’s, Leonardo’s Pure Itallan, The Okere Falls Store, the bin-in located on the tarawera roundabout are all little hubs of delicious. I hope you have found your way back to New Zealand and happy.

      • Great to see you’re back. We’ve found the Okere Falls store (it’s near us), and Bin-in, not to mention Gilmour’s for flour and baking supplies. The rest sound like they’re still to discover, so thanks for that!!

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