Sourdough Starter

Our newest pet has been lovingly dubbed Hefepilz. This pic was taken just before feeding last night. The line on the jar is the volume of starter after feeding.

Sourdough has a special smell that is earthy and natural. I love how the loafs last and make awesome toast. But most of all I love that the technique for making it is one that my long dead ancestors would have been using. So last weekend I resolved to grow a sourdough starter.

Capturing wild yeast and harnessing their power seemed a little tricky, but armed with detailed instructions from Wild Yeast I seem to be having some successes. 7 days in and I have a sour smelling starter that doubles in size in under 12 hours. I am still a little nervous about charging ahead and using it (due to the possibility that there is still a remnant bacteria colony), so the first bread will be next weekend.

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2 responses to “Sourdough Starter

  1. ….the material in that jar looks kind of …Amish?!

  2. no chain starters here – I promise

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